The Challenge

Creating a distinctive brand and communications plan for a rapidly growing eDiscovery company


In 2013, OmniVere split off from a large consultancy conglomerate. The founders of OmniVere embarked on a plan to rapidly expand the company by focusing on a narrow set of services and buying up their competition. After several purchases, OmniVere’s leadership found that internal communications posed a significant challenge, their branding was non-existent, and their identity varied greatly across offices. OmniVere needed to unite their new and existing employees under a single message of who the company was, what it wanted to be, and where it was going.

The Solution

A tailored communication strategy for a large corporation with worldwide offices


Hawthorne Strategy Group provided full-service creative brand development, from crafting a master publicity plan to creating a new logo. Hawthorne generated OmniVere’s name and logo with direction and feedback from the founders. Direct communication with new employees helped correct misunderstandings and establish a unified vision for the company. Externally, Hawthorne created press releases announcing new strategic hires and coordinated OmniVere’s attendance at national and international industry trade shows.

The Results

A strong cohesive brand and widespread industry recognition


Under Hawthorne’s public relations guidance, OmniVere has become a well-known brand in the eDiscovery and legal support sector. A strong internal communications plan and brand alignment allows OmniVere to grow without losing its core identity. OmniVere continues to succeed financially and expand; the company currently serves over 15,000 clients worldwide. Hawthorne positioned the company within the industry to win multiple awards, including recognition as Best End-to-End eDiscovery Provider from both the Legal Times and The National Law Journal.