World Business Chicago

The Challenge

Help 1,000 people find jobs


In a rapidly developing world, the future of Chicago’s manufacturing relies on skilled labor. Changes in workforce requirements have left the manufacturing industry with over 30,000 vacant positions. To address this need, decrease unemployment, and directly employ at least 1000 Chicago area residents in high-paying advanced manufacturing careers, World Business Chicago (WBC) launched the 1000 Jobs for Chicagoland Manufacturing campaign. In order to be successful, the campaign needed to reach a broad range of citizens, communicate the benefits of manufacturing careers, and improve public perception of advanced manufacturing.

The Solution

Extensive outreach efforts to reach job seekers


Hawthorne Strategy Group created a multi-faceted plan for the 1000 Jobs campaign, covering everything from grassroots, to media outreach, to coordinating with members of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration. Working as an extension of the WBC team, Hawthorne offered media training and consultation to key WBC staff members.

Advanced manufacturing can be a complicated subject, so Hawthorne first developed a variety of targeted messages, written materials, success stories, and press releases in both English and Spanish to reach several audiences. Targeting community leaders, industry pioneers, training centers, local elected officials, schools, and faith organizations allowed the team to reach broad audiences in a short time frame. A new user-friendly website, paid advertisements, social media plans, and earned media placements completed the outreach effort. Hawthorne worked to build publicity around career fairs, manufacturing events, training course graduations, and other events hosted by 1000 Jobs partners. A widespread problem needed a comprehensive solution that Hawthorne was able to provide.


The Results

1,000 Jobs filled and more


The extensive outreach paid off. Since its launch in 2015, the campaign has directly helped more than 1000 people gain employment in manufacturing, and thousands more have engaged with the campaign website and materials. Hawthorne obtained media coverage for 1000 Jobs from Chicago Tribune, DNAinfo, WGN, CBS, WLS-AM, and many community newspapers. In March 2017, the 1000 Jobs Campaign reached its goal of increasing employment in advanced manufacturing by employing more than 1,000 people in the Chicago area, and Hawthorne is proud to have been a part of this effort for economic development in Chicagoland.