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Jonathon Sadowski

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Beginning his career in journalism, Jonathon covered a wide range of beats in newsrooms across Chicago and Wisconsin, from local government and state politics to entertainment and the COVID-19 pandemic. With multiple awards for his reporting, feature writing, and investigative reporting, Jonathon made the decision to take his communications talents to the world of public relations.

Prior to joining Hawthorne, Jonathon was most recently the managing editor of an award-winning digital news outlet where he helped lead a data-driven partnership between editorial and marketing staff to quadruple the outlet’s audience across social media and email newsletter platforms.


Jonathon uses his track record of multimedia content production, social media management, and audience growth to help brands widen their reach and spread their message across all verticals. His client work at Hawthorne includes writing owned media, drafting internal communications, managing and responding to media inquiries, and monitoring coverage.

Whether it’s a newspaper op-ed, social media post, or media statement, Jonathon uses his background in award-winning storytelling to help you spread your message far and wide.


Education: Columbia College Chicago, BA in Multimedia Journalism

Favorite Hobbies Outside of Work: Wine tastings with the wife, trying to self-teach guitar, and board/video gaming


Currently Reading: Star Wars: The Rising Storm


Currently Listening: The discography of Coheed and Cambria


Pets: Zippy, a loving (and feisty) 3-year-old cat; Louie, a friendly and laid-back 6-year-old goldfish; BJ, a surprisingly down-to-earth, 1-year-old goldfish; Mickey, Goofy, and Donald, three molly fish under a year old; and several snails

One fact about Jonathon that will surprise you: He is Hawthorne’s resident Dungeon Master

Favorite Food: Can’t go wrong with a well-seasoned steak!

Coffee Order: Dark roast coffee with a touch of cream and sugar, or seasonal lattes

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