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Join our Team

Hawthorne Strategy Group is growing and looking for people who will bring energy, enthusiasm, and a commitment to delivering outstanding results to our clients and fellow team members.


Traits We Admire

  • Passion for client service and commitment to delivering results.

  • Eager to uncover and tell good stories using strong writing skills.

  • Responsible, dependable, and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

  • Enthusiasm for tackling challenges and the work ethic to complete the task.

  • Energized by a collaborative work environment.

  • Motivated to manage multiple priorities simultaneously and work against deadlines.

  • Invested in continuing to develop skills that better serve our clients.



Apply Today!

For more information or to apply, please contact Hawthorne Strategy Group by email at 

What does Hawthorne offer employees?!

A Hybrid Work Model

At Hawthorne, we embrace a hybrid work model for our employees. This work model allows both in-office collaborative experiences and the flexibility to work from home.

Challenging Work

Hawthorne offers a work environment that challenges professionals and provides them with hands-on experience with clients early in their careers with the support of colleagues and guidance of experienced communications leaders.

A Supportive Environment

As a small PR agency, every member of our team is intimately involved with the growth and development of Hawthorne. We value the thoughts and opinions of all team members and encourage their engagement in all aspects of the business from hiring, to new business, to day-to-day client support.

Professional Development

We invest in our employees’ personal growth by offering each team member $2,000 per year in professional development funds to help them stay on the cutting edge of our industry. This money can be used toward:

  • Attending industry luncheons

  • Joining relevant networking events

  • Participating in seminars and conferences

  • Continuing education courses that help develop the skills they need to serve our clients.

A Well-Rounded Work Experience

Hawthorne’s diverse client base provides communications professionals the opportunity to develop their expertise in many critical industries, including healthcare, non-profit, financial services, and economic development. Our business model purposely does not utilize practice groups to ensure our team members gain exposure to different types of clients and projects.

Competitive Benefits

We invest in our team by providing top-notch benefits, including:

  • An automatic contribution of 3 percent to each employee’s 401(k) with the possibility of annual profit-sharing based on company success

  • 100 percent coverage of life insurance and short- and long-term disability plans

  • Choice of six health plans with three options paid at 100% for employee and family. 90% coverage of all vision and dental plans

  • A minimum of 20 days PTO and paid holidays each year

  • Professional development and student loan repayment support

  • An employee assistance program


Hawthorne Values

We strive to incorporate our values in all that we do. Keeping client relationships and work environment at top of mind, the following commitments serve as the backbone of Hawthorne’s mission:

Be reliable, dependable, respectable.

Strive to achieve the best possible outcome.


Always push yourself

Learn new things, take on new challenges. Never stop growing. 


Strive to be a leader in our communities.

Be known for provocative ideas and thoughtful discussion.


Foster a collaborative environment.

Learn from each other and be approachable. Share expertise and accept feedback.


Be known for smart, dynamic solutions.

It’s not who you know, but what you deliver. 


Appreciate and recognize that success is shared.

It comes from our clients and teammates.


Take the Initiative.

Don’t wait for the client or your team to ask. Do what you can. Raise your hand.


Be representative of society.

Our team, our work, our outcomes. Embrace diverse perspectives.


Own your


Don’t leave clients or colleagues wondering. Anticipating what comes next. 


Always deliver smart, thoughtful solutions.

Focus first on the client’s needs. Be the problem solver.




Be realistic about expectations. Adapt to change.


Pursue diverse and meaningful work.

Have a singular focus on delivering results for our clients. 

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