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An Intern's Perspective: Onboarding at Hawthorne

Our summer intern, Chioke, reflects on his first few weeks at Hawthorne and discusses his experience thus far.

Before my internship with Hawthorne, my Public Relations experience was spontaneous and lacked structure, often operating on an as-needed basis. Hawthorne has provided me with consistency in clients, a steady workflow and numerous opportunities to showcase my skills in new ways. Now, after just fifteen days with the team, it feels like I’ve been here for way longer – in the best way possible. In this short time, I’ve had the privilege of attending three major events and assisting with greeting and checking in the media: Choose Chicago’s Annual Meeting, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s announcement of their new Chicago office, and a Big Shoulders Fund event where they announced a record $150 million donation from the Dean and Barbara White Family Foundation.


These experiences have placed me in the same room as numerous executives and public figures, including the Mayor of Chicago and the Governor of Indiana. Hawthorne has provided me with unparalleled opportunities to network and grow, both professionally and personally. Each day brings new learning experiences and chances to hone my skills.


I’ve been trusted with projects at every stage of development, from creating materials for large-scale presentations to writing media pitches for reporters to cover a story. This trust means the world to me, as does the faith that the Hawthorne team has in my abilities to meet and exceed expectations.


The support and patience of my colleagues as I learn their processes have made this internship surpass all my early expectations. I am eager and prepared to see what the rest of this summer holds. I look forward to continuing to showcase my skills and learn as much as I can.


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