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Behind the Bylines: The Hawthorne Team Brings their Media Experience to PR

Updated: May 2

As a public relations firm, we help develop your story. But, no matter how compelling it may be, a close relationship with the media is needed to broadcast that story. Because of this, it’s no wonder why some Hawthorne team members came straight from journalism to our office. Managing Supervisor Richard Ray, for example, made a transition from the top-tier newsrooms of NBC and the Chicago Tribune to Hawthorne Strategy Group. 


“I still get to help tell important stories and work with good people making a positive impact in the communities they serve,” Richard said about the difference between his media and PR career. When asked about his journey to PR, Richard said, “I got to a point in my news career where it made sense to transition to a more stable and accommodating profession.” Richard's career path embodies the evolution from the relentless pace of newsrooms to the strategic mentality of PR. His expertise in storytelling, matched with a first-hand understanding of media dynamics, makes him an invaluable asset to our team at Hawthorne. 

Richard discussing the 10 pm newscast with legendary NBC producer Joe Kolina. 

Like Richard, Jonathon Sadowski, a senior account manager at Hawthorne, also made the transition from media to PR. “I originally began my career as a journalist,” Jonathon says, “finding purpose in the sense of responsibility that came with providing an important service by informing my audience about what’s going on in their communities.”

Jonathon at the ABC7 anchor desk with now NBC national reporter Jesse Kirsch.

Jonathon made the jump to Hawthorne in large part because of the more personal relationship we develop with our clients, their communities, and their stakeholders. “I was attracted by the meaningful work we do for our clients – especially for impactful organizations such as the Chinese American Service League, Women’s Business Development Center, and The DuSable Black History Museum and Education Center.”  


Richard’s and Jonathon’s experience in the media gives them a necessary and valuable perspective when it comes to working with their clients at Hawthorne. They know how to tell their client’s stories in a language that resonates with media to ensure their client’s stories are broadcast accurately. On top of all this, they are our reliable coworkers and trustworthy friends. Thank you, Richard and Jonathon! 


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