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Hawthorne Goes Hybrid: Our Staff on Returning to Work

At Hawthorne, we have been carefully planning the best way to return to our office after months spent remotely scattered around the city and country. After several socially distanced meetings this spring, we have finally begun our official return to the office. Rather than going back to the traditional five-day work week, we have opted for a three-day in-office week with flexible hours to manage crowded commutes.

The shift has had a big impact on our work dynamic, especially since there were a few new team members we had never met in person before. Returning to the office has been a welcome change and opportunity to collaborate more easily than Zoom sometimes allows. Our team shares how the shift back to “normal” is impacting them, and their favorite parts of getting back to our desks.

“The team clearly showed its resilience and work ethic by not missing a beat working from home. It was challenging at times, and there’s nothing like in-person collaboration, but when remote work was the only option, the team crushed it. About a year in, I feel like I really hit my stride while working from home and began to enjoy it a lot, and then we were ready to return to the office. Thankfully, we’re doing a hybrid plan, which I really like, as it gives the best of both worlds. I’m able to see my coworkers and collaborate in-person but also have a couple days each week to work from home.” - Account Manager, Dan Kowalski

“I think our hybrid plan offers the best of both worlds. I get to engage with my coworkers and benefit from a stimulating office environment, while also being afforded the flexibility of working from home and seeing my son more. Plus, we have very good snacks and La Croixs in the office.” - Senior Account Director, Richard Ray

“I’m proud of the way our team was able to pivot over the last year, while still delivering great work for our clients and maintaining close collaboration and communication as a team. That said, there is something about being back in the office together that takes the camaraderie up a notch. Our hybrid model really gives us the best of both worlds.” - Senior Account Director, Jacqueline Goense

“I think one key takeaway from the pandemic for us was the affirmation that we can be just as efficient working remotely as we can be in the office. Having a hybrid approach to work is great because you still get to socialize and crowdsource new ideas in-person with the team, while having the flexibility of working from home and being more in control of your own schedule.” - Senior Account Director, Marisa Coulter

As we adjust to our changing work lives and the world begins to open back up again, it has become apparent that, while hybrid work schedules may not have been necessary prior to 2021, their introduction has been a welcome change in the work place. Work/life balance has become a lot more, well, balanced which tends to fuel productivity, creativity, and fulfillment in any office, including Hawthorne’s.

We are excited for this new chapter in Hawthorne’s history and have already started to reap many of its benefits. Our team is ready to discover and embrace the changes and opportunities this working schedule presents.


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