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Hawthorne Quarantine Media Club: Baited

For this week’s Hawthorne Quarantine Media Club review, our Assistant Account Manager, Mia, shares her thoughts on Ziwe Fumodoh's Instagram Live Show, "Baited". Mia decided to start watching after her friend's recommendations. Check out what she has to say below!

Mia's Thoughts on "Baited":

Every Thursday at 7 PM CT, comedian Ziwe Fumodoh hosts her Instagram Live Show “Baited” where she presents prominent influencers and other pop culture figures with uncomfortable questions regarding race. I started watching after a friend had recommended the show to me.

The show is structured in a Q&A format where Ziwe interviews her guests about their knowledge of Black history and culture while prompting questions that expose deep societal unconscious racial biases that reach far beyond the interviewee. Her past interviews have included a wide variety of guests from The New York Times food columnist, Allison Roman, to Instagram influencer, Caroline Calloway. Oftentimes the guests remark that they didn’t want to inform their publicist that they were participating - to which I have to laugh.

Ziwe’s Instagram Live is unlike anything else out there - it’s witty, it’s awkward, it’s informative. From a public relations perspective, it would be quite the challenge to create talking points for. Ziwe has expressed that this show is a way of seizing her own authority and autonomy by not being the only one, as a Black woman, to go through life uncomfortable. Watching Ziwe’s show has made me reflect on how I would answer her questions, reminded me to continue to evaluate what I can do to be a better ally, and reiterated the importance of having uncomfortable conversations regarding race.

To watch Baited, follow Ziwe on Instagram and tune in when she goes live on Thursdays.


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