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Hawthorne’s Holiday Favorites

The holiday season is in full swing here in Chicago and our team is preparing for the festivities by spending quality time with family, friends, and loved ones. As the year winds down, our team has been enjoying some of our favorite winter activities. Read below to learn how our team has been making the most of this holiday season.

“Some of my favorite holiday traditions include taking my grandchildren to Zoo Lights and going to the International Christmas Trees Around the World exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. This year, I will also be preparing for the first week of classes in January.” - Gene Reineke, Chairman and Founder

“A special part of Christmas Eve is spent looking at the tree and sharing stories of past holidays. As we look at the ornaments we are reminded of old friends and neighbors, Girl Scout craft projects, places we’ve visited, and mishaps, like a dog or a child mistaking an ornament for a toy. Some of the ornaments have been passed down from past generations including glass bulbs from the 1930s, felt cottages made by my grandmother during the depression, and even a World War I era ornament all hold a special place on the tree.” - Cynthia McCafferty, President and CEO

“During the holidays, I like to spend my time baking Christmas cookies, volunteering to bake and deliver food to individuals dealing with food insecurity, and catching up on my reading list for the year.” -Wendi Taylor Nations, Partner

“Chicago during the winter is my favorite time to be in the city. My favorite thing to do is bake with my friends during the day and then go ice skating downtown at night.” - Jennifer Wright, Account Executive

“This is my first year spending the holiday season in Chicago and it has been so wonderful taking in all the new traditions. My favorite activities so far have been visiting the zoo lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo and checking out the pop-up Christmas bars around town.” -Emma Amorose, Account Executive

“Living in Chicago, we are blessed with beautiful architecture and wonderful communities. I have really enjoyed taking walks in the evening and looking at all the lights and decorations my neighbors have put up to celebrate the season.” - Christian Scillian, Assistant Account Executive

One of my favorite winter traditions is going to the Christkindl Market with friends or family. Each year I look forward to the new signature mug design, and it is the perfect place to pick up any last-minute Christmas gifts.” - Dan Kowalski, Senior Account Manager

“Throughout the holiday season, I value spending quality time with my family. From watching ‘It's a Wonderful Life to driving my daughters around our neighborhood to see the Christmas lights, there are so many great opportunities to spend time with one another.” - Brad Goodman, Vice President

“Whether we are drinking martinis while marathoning James Bond movies or baking Christmas cookies, I love spending this time of year with my family. One of our longest traditions is sharing oplatek (a Polish Christmas wafer) before Christmas Eve dinner and saying blessings and good wishes to family members for the year ahead.” - Jacki Goense, Senior Account Director

“During the holiday season, I love to spend as much time as possible reading next to my Christmas tree. I also enjoy taking walks to look at neighborhood Christmas lights – the more snow the better!” – Marisa Coulter, Senior Account Director

“Every year my family and I watch 'Christmas Vacation' and laugh ourselves silly! My favorite part of the holidays, however, is being able to watch the joy that the season brings to my son each year.” – Richard Ray, Senior Account Director


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