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Hawthorne’s Super Bowl LVII Review

The Super Bowl attracted more than 113 million viewers this year. Whether you tune in for the game, the commercials, or the Halftime Show, the Super Bowl circulates a wild mix of reviews and generates an astounding amount of online conversation. Read below to find out how our team *really* feels about this year’s event.

“The Tubi commercial worked on me. I was almost certain one of the kids had the remote and was changing the TV stream… and it stuck out from the crowd of standard ads.” - Brad Goodman, Vice President

“The Super Bowl commercials and halftime shows are usually the more exciting aspects of the game for me when the Bears aren’t in the Super Bowl. But this year’s game was quite good, and the commercials were not as exciting, beyond Tubi’s unnerving rabbits and app spot (which made the whole party look around to see who sat on the remote). Other than Tubi, the Coors, Miller, and then Blue Moon commercial was pretty popular as well as the PopCorners ad with the Breaking Bad cast and some good callbacks to the show. The Halftime Show was great. I forgot just how many hits Rihanna had.” - Dan Kowalski, Senior Account Director

“Ironically, I hosted a Super Bowl party, and I hardly had time to enjoy the game. The Super Bowl was basically background noise as I catered to my party guests. Besides enjoying the highly anticipated Rihanna concert, I was also captivated by the performance of the Black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” The song was performed for the first time publicly 123 years ago, and actress Sheryl Lee Ralph had the privilege of performing the song on the exact anniversary date. While many believe America only has ONE national anthem, it’s important to remember that the “Star Spangled Banner” was written long before slavery ended. Therefore, historically the song was never inclusive of Black Americans, and that is why the Black national anthem is such a significant pillar to Black culture. I must say it was truly incredible to witness the performance during Black History Month.” - Alexis Merz, Account Manager

“The other Tubi commercial with the rabbits is the one that most sticks in my mind. I love bizarre and surrealist comedy, so the ad was just the right amount of unsettling for me to keep me genuinely intrigued for its entire runtime. All our guests and I spent the whole commercial trying to guess what company it was for. Will it get any of us to use Tubi? Probably not… but A for effort.” - Jonathon Sadowski, Senior Account Executive

“My apologies to any dedicated football fans, but my Super Bowl only lasted about 13 minutes. I was indeed only tuning in for Rihanna, and let me tell you, she did not disappoint. She gave us all her greatest hits while sporting her cute little baby bump – it was quite an iconic pregnancy reveal. My favorite moment, however, was the special appearance of Fenty Beauty’s Invisimatte blotting powder. A reminder to all that she is not just an incredible performer, but also a great businesswoman.” - Anahi Leyva, Account Executive

“As a true sports fan, I spent most of the game scrolling through Tik Tok until it was time for commercials. Someone had to read the live reactions in real-time, so I volunteered. Some commercials were a tad corny and a little lazy with all the celebrity cameos. The Hellman’s Mayo commercial had some of my favorite celebrities (John Hamm, Brie Larson, Pete Davidson), but the joke felt poorly executed. However, one commercial did speak to me...and that was the E-Trade baby commercial. Yes, it was very corny, and the jokes were whatever, but the babies they used were so cute, and it was pretty silly seeing lil tiny humans pretend to be adults. I also loved Rihanna’s halftime performance! She killed it and played all her hits.” - Madeline LeCompte, Account Executive

“Thanks to good football, great commercials, and an even better Halftime Show, Super Bowl LVII had me invested from start to finish. Of course, there were a few tough watches not worth the price of a Super Bowl spot, but ads like “Binky Dad” and Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ feature kept me entertained. I was waiting for the commercial that would stick with me, and Tubi did just that. Turns out we all blame the same person for messing with the remote... And Rihanna? She didn’t need a single guest or costume change to fire up an audience AND promote her brand. More power to her.” - Lizzie Klingsporn, Intern


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