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Hawthorne’s Super Bowl LVIII Highlights

With estimates just starting to roll in of how many people watched the Super Bowl this year, 120 million seems to be the hopeful number. Among those many eyes were Hawthorne Strategy Group team members, and we’ve pulled together a few of our highlights and thoughts on this year’s big game!  

Best Ad Campaign 

“I thought the Bud Light genie commercial was great. It was a clever idea that was executed well. I got a good laugh when the genie introduced himself as a genie at a bar and the girl responded with ‘I'm a Gemini.’” - Dan Kowalski, Senior Account Director 

“I thought Beyonce and Verizon did a great job, however, I’m definitely a little biased because it’s Beyonce. I thought it was very smart marketing for her and her team to pair it with an album drop. Another favorite was Michael Cera’s collab with CeraVe. I love a good play on words, and it provided just the right amount of comedic relief.” - Anahi Leyva, Senior Account Executive 

“State Farm was funny, but I always love the Clydesdales.” - Cynthia McCafferty, President and CEO 

“I loved the "DunKings" ad with Ben Affleck, J Lo, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady. Ben Affleck's willingness to embrace the meme of his viral Dunkin' photos is admirable, and I always enjoy seeing Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have their buddy moments. And as much as I loathed watching Tom Brady win Super Bowl after Super Bowl, he gets an A+ in my book for his apparent newfound ability to take himself far less seriously.” - Jonathon Sadowski, Senior Account Manager 

Funny Moments 

“My son has curly red hair, so that picture of Ice Spice in the suite with Taylor Swift had my phone blowing up with texts asking if he was hanging out with celebrities at the game. Also, Jeff Goldblum dancing on the celebrity cam made me laugh. I wasn’t really expecting to see him amongst all the more contemporary pop stars and celebs.” - Richard Ray, Managing Supervisor 

“The moment of the night was when SpongeBob finally had his time to shine with his full performance of "Sweet Victory" to open the Super Bowl. Although Travis Scott using a clip from SpongeBob as an intro to "Sicko Mode" in 2019 was a nice bit, nothing can compare to the full Bikini Bottom crew.” - Jonathon Sadowski, Senior Account Manager 

“I thought one of the funniest moments was Taylor and Travis’ awkward kiss at the end.” -George Murphy, Intern 

An In-Game Highlight 

“I wasn't cheering for either team, so I was just in it to watch a good game. It went to overtime, and both teams played well and deserved a victory. I think one of the standout plays was the block on the extra point. Without it, the Chiefs may not have won, but it marked a turn in the game.” - Dan Kowalski, Senior Account Director 

“When the game went into overtime, I was frantically texting back-and-forth with my dad—the ending was so exciting and nerve-wracking to watch. It was so fun just to hear the room filled with shouts of anticipation during those final minutes!” - Anna VanWingerden, Intern 

“The 49ers trick play touchdown was awesome.” - George Murphy, Intern 

Chiefs or 49ers? 

“Even though the 49ers knocked the Packers out of the playoffs (again), I couldn't help but root for them for two reasons: 1) Brock Purdy would have had a historic win as the former "Mr. Irrelevant," making for an inspiring underdog story; and, 2) Patrick Mahomes is obviously going to be the greatest quarterback of all time, but I can't help but have greatness fatigue after watching Tom Brady be in the Super Bowl more often than not for the past two decades. We don’t need a round two of that so soon after Brady retired.” - Jonathon Sadowski, Senior Account Manager 

“Honestly, I wasn’t rooting for either of them… I wanted a Detroit versus Baltimore Super Bowl! -George Murphy, Intern 

“I was cheering for the Chiefs and was glad to see them win for my Kansas City friends.” - Cynthia McCafferty, President and CEO 

Best Snack 

“My friends and I ordered Wendy’s and had whole feast of fries!” - Anna VanWingerden, Intern 

“I ate homemade guacamole during the game, which I loved.” - George Murphy, Intern 

“The best snack I had was crab dip.” - Cynthia McCafferty, President and CEO 

“I stopped by Portillos ahead of the game and picked up some cheese fries, which were amazing!”- Anahi Leyva, Senior Account Executive 


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