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Case Study: Innovation Outpost at Amarillo College - Building a Thought Leadership Platform

The Challenge: Develop a unique brand, thought leadership platform, and social media presence for the newly established Innovation Outpost at Amarillo College.

The Results: In 2019, Amarillo voters gave their go-ahead to various projects and initiatives to enhance the Amarillo College landscape. Among these projects and initiatives was the Innovation Outpost, a space where students, business leaders, and Amarillo community members collaborate, innovate, and grow to compete in the 21st-century economy.

In kicking off our work with the Innovation Outpost, we first conducted a competitor brand assessment to support the development of our brand, mission, vision, and values recommendations. From there, we established a brand voice that is forward-looking, innovative, and personal. We aligned with the Innovation Outpost team on creative direction and set to work developing brand graphics and website content. As the Innovation Outpost broke ground and our website was in place, we centered our efforts on securing local and trade media interviews with its executive director to help solidify her presence as a thought leader within the Texas innovation space. Notable coverage was secured in Authority Magazine and The Female Empowerment podcast.

We continued our momentum from our executive thought leadership positioning and media relations efforts by launching the Innovation Outpost social media channels and blog, including a content series focused on providing digestible fast facts about the language of innovation. As programs continue to be developed and launched, we continue to work toward growing the Innovation Outpost social media following through the development of owned content and targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Earned Media:

"Reagan is a mother of three and the Executive Director leading the creation and implementation of the Innovation Outpost in Amarillo, Texas."

"If you aren’t uncomfortable, you aren’t growing. This was such an impactful lesson from my boss at Texas Tech. It reminds me of a Jeff Bezos quote I recently read, which was “I believe you have to be willing to be misunderstood if you’re going to innovate.” That isn’t easy, and that isn’t always what we are told, but it is so important to learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable in this industry."


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