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Case Study: Red Bull Issues Management

The Challenge: Developing and coordinating issues management approach for an international consumer brand.

In today’s environment, various issues can create challenges for consumer facing brands – particularly in the food and beverage industry. As the energy drink category continues to face scrutiny, the Red Bull communications team identified proactive planning as an important corporate need. Facing the complexities of managing issues across continents and countries, Red Bull looked to Hawthorne Strategy Group to help create a process to identify potential issues and opportunities to inoculate against criticisms and develop a positive image in global markets.

The Solution: The development of a proactive inoculation plan, positioning the brand firmly ahead of issues and mitigating possible harm.

The Hawthorne team prepared Red Bull for inoculation by developing processes and procedures to mitigate issues and leverage opportunities as they appear. By designing monitoring, messaging development, and stakeholder engagement processes, the team provided Red Bull with an issues and crisis management playbook to build upon moving forward.

The Results: An organization-wide identification and communications process.

Through the development of monitoring and engagement processes with issue-specific messaging, Hawthorne helped Red Bull prepare for potential challenges and unforeseen circumstances. The plan was designed to assist Red Bull in moving forward through strategic counsel and media monitoring, as well as identifying issues as they emerge.


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