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Statement on Highland Park Tragedy

Yesterday—on the Fourth of July—a recurring nightmare all too familiar in our nation befell one of Chicago’s neighboring communities. What can we say that has not been said countless times before? We are sick and grieving for the community of Highland Park. Though details are still emerging, it is nearly impossible to fully understand how this distinctly American crisis continues to thrive unabated.

There are stories of business owners helping frantic parade-goers seek shelter, or local medical professionals and law enforcement running toward danger to offer critical aid to the wounded. These heroes and their stories offer a balm for our aching hearts and worried minds—but an earnest solution is required to stem the slaughter so that these heroic actions are no longer necessary.

There will always be heroes that run toward the sound of gunfire, but there shouldn’t have to be. President Joe Biden signed sweeping gun safety laws into effect last week—but more needs to be done. These weapons of war need to be taken off our streets. Until that happens, this nightmare will go on and statements like this one will continue as meaningless obligations in the face of unending tragedy.


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