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Summer: The Hawthorne Way

Summer is officially upon us, and our team is buzzing with excitement and a variety of plans. From local adventures to out-of-state trips, here’s a peek into how the Hawthorne team will be enjoying their summer.  

Dan Kowalski (Managing Supervisor) is eager to dive into the local scene of his new neighborhood, Lincoln Square. After his recent change of scenery, he’s especially excited about the classic Chicago summer street festivals and discovering the local shops, bars, and restaurants. Dan’s summer wouldn’t be complete without spending time in his “second home” at 1060 West Addison Street. For those unfamiliar, this address is the historical landmark of Wrigley Field. Few places can beat a summer afternoon in the home of the Chicago Cubs. 

Anna VanWingerden’s (Assistant Account Executive) summer is packed with family excursions. She has two trips planned: a visit to Disney World and a relaxing weekend in Northern Michigan with her family. Aside from these getaways, Anna also plans on experiencing some local attractions. She’s excited about going to Six Flags, just north of Chicago, for some thrilling rides and looks forward to spending Saturday mornings at the Lincoln Park farmer’s market, where she can enjoy fresh produce. Additionally, Anna loves taking evening walks along the lakefront, a perfect spot to catch the Navy Pier fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday night.  

Richard Ray (Managing Supervisor) is embracing a more laid-back approach to summer. He plans to spend ample time sitting on his porch with a good book and playing tennis with his child (neither of them know how to play). Finally, at the end of August, Richard will be making a trip to Michigan to celebrate his mom’s birthday!  

Chioke Armstrong-Malloy's (Intern) perfect summer includes a couple day trips to scenic destinations; one trip to the Indiana Dunes and one to Starved Rock National Park, both of which offer beautiful natural landscapes and perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. When he’s not exploring these natural wonders, Chioke will be biking along Chicago’s Lakefront Trail, which offers great views of the skyline. 

Ana Leyva (Senior Account Executive) is looking forward to rooftop happy hours and attending live music events. She also has family visiting from out of town, so she will be playing tour guide for a couple of days by showing them some of her favorite Chicagoland destinations. 

Jonathon Sadowski’s (Senior Account Manager) summer will consist of concerts, more concerts, and then another concert to end the summer. His lineup includes Yellowcard, Third Eye Blind, Bowling for Soup, and Green Day with Smashing Pumpkins. These bands promise a summer filled with nostalgia and great tunes, and vibes.  

Alisha Dickinson (Managing Supervisor) is ready to make the most of the Chicago Lakefront this summer. Her summer plans include some leisure time by the water with her family, soaking up the sun and unwinding. Whether she's picnicking by the lake, taking relaxing walks, or simply soaking up some sun, Alisha is prepared to savor the simple things this summer. 

From local explorations to family vacations and nostalgic concerts, our team’s summer plans reflect a wonderful mix of relaxation, adventure, and cherished moments. As we dive into the season, we’re all reminded of the importance of taking time to enjoy the little things, whether it’s a neighborhood festival, a porch swing, or a spectacular fireworks display. Here’s to a summer filled with joy and unforgettable experiences! 


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