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The Culture of Hawthorne

Updated: May 2

When so much time is spent at work, it’s important to enjoy your workplace environment! At Hawthorne Strategy Group, we love what we do, and our team members are eager to share their thoughts on the culture of Hawthorne.


What is one of your favorite things about working at Hawthorne?

“My favorite thing about working at Hawthorne is the people; not only do I get to work with great clients who do impactful and important work for their communities but get to do that work alongside a great team of talented and kind individuals. It’s great to work with a team that constantly empowers you to grow professionally, encourages you to continue learning and celebrates your successes.” -Anahi Leyva, Senior Account Executive

“I’ve never been in such a collaborative and compassionate work environment. We all work together so well, with genuine care, that it makes our day-to-day life that much easier. Sometimes it’s the big things: When we have a family emergency, our colleagues jump right in and offer to help meet deadlines and offer personal assistance as needed. And other times it’s a small gesture: When it’s someone’s birthday, our CEO, Cynthia, often personally goes out and buys treats or coffee for the office.” -Jonathon Sadowski, Senior Account Manager

“The new office! Not only do we have a great space with amazing views, but it is a space that makes it super easy to collaborate and catch up with coworkers. We’ve only been in the space for a couple of months, but we’ve already had countless conversations that have left me laughing.” -Dan Kowalski, Managing Supervisor


How would you describe being part of the Hawthorne team?

“Hawthorne is a very tight-knit group. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and can lean on each other when we need a hand, whether it be overcoming writer’s block on a media pitch or talking through a communications strategy.” -Jonathon Sadowski, Senior Account Manager

“Our team is incredibly supportive of one another. Everyone is always quick to uplift and encourage one another no matter what, and I genuinely enjoy coming into work each day. From team meetings to lunches to evenings out together, we work hard and have fun!” -Anna VanWingerden, Intern

“It’s a team that feels like a team. Everyone here is ready to support and uplift, not knock you down.” -Dan Kowalski, Managing Supervisor

“The Hawthorne team is close-knit. What brightens my day are the inside jokes the office makes over time. I also love the haikus that Richard writes on his whiteboard every day. They're either hilarious, thought-provoking, or both!” -George Murphy, Intern


How would you describe the culture of Hawthorne?

“In a word: collaborative. Hawthorne boasts a staff of professionals across an array of industries and backgrounds. We often rely on one another’s experience to ensure we exceed the expectations of our clients and deliver on our promises. Whether it’s a former reporter drumming up interest for a client’s press conference, a digital marketer surgically targeting key audiences with a paid social media campaign, or a political wonk doling out tips on direct mail tactics—Hawthorne’s culture promotes a sense of working together at such an integral level—I’ve not found it in many other places. I take great pride in being a part of that special team.” -Richard Ray, Managing Supervisor

“’Service’ is probably the single most relevant word to Hawthorne’s culture. Not only do we go above and beyond for clients, but we go above and beyond for each other. We are always happy to help our clients achieve their goals, and we help each other when our plates get too full. And we are always proud to do it; all of our clients do meaningful work, so it is very easy to feel good about our work each day knowing that our service is helping clients make a positive impact in the world.” -Jonathon Sadowski, Senior Account Manager


“Collaborative and fun. Whether we’re in the office or working from home, the team is very close and everyone is ready to help everyone.” -Dan Kowalski, Managing Supervisor

“Hawthorne, in my opinion, is such an exciting place to be! Every day there are new projects to tackle, and the work we do for our clients is often extremely rewarding. It creates a work environment that is not only fun and interesting, but also inspirational and humbling.” -Anna VanWingerden, Intern



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