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The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Regardless of the industry that we are in, we may often find ourselves prioritizing the functions of our jobs over selfcare. From weeks with multiple events to timely deadlines, our priorities at work can become an all-encompassing aspect of our lives. It is, however, important to disconnect from our computers and cultivate our own passions and hobbies. Our team shared our favorite ways to unwind and focus on the things that bring us joy outside of work.

“Most recently, I have started working with Lasagna Love to make and deliver lasagnas to those dealing with food insecurity. I am very passionate about cooking and taught myself to make homemade pasta and sourdough during quarantine. Outside of my kitchen, I take guitar lessons at Old Town School of Folk Music, and I love identifying and hiking local trails.” - Wendi Taylor Nations, Partner

“After a long week of work and classes, my favorite way to unwind is to pick up a latte and take a long walk through Lincoln Park. Having time to slow down and enjoy views of the city is both relaxing and recentering. When it’s nice out, I bring along my favorite book and make a day of it.” - Jennifer Wright, Account Executive

“During quarantine, I turned to dancing as an outlet for the anxiety and stress I was feeling. As things started to open back up, I joined a dance company, practicing salsa, bachata, kizomba, urban ballroom, Chicago stepping, konpa, and semba. From going to classes and competitions to being able to connect with my teammates on the weekends, dancing has allowed me to become more in tune with myself while becoming more confident and patient. Dance has also helped me to reconnect with others.” - Yvonne Nunga, Fellow

“Since moving to Chicago, I have taken up pottery to unwind and clear my mind at the start of each week. It is great to spend a few hours doing something creative while disconnected from my phone so I can focus and enjoy learning something new, uninterrupted. It has been a wonderful opportunity to meet new people while getting to do something I truly enjoy!” - Emma Amorose, Account Executive

“I think variety is the spice of life, and I enjoy several hobbies in my free time to unwind and indulge my creativity. My favorite way to get rid of stress is in the gym. Far and away my best outlet after a tough week. Another hobby I picked up during the pandemic is photography. Taking long photo walks along the lake, in Chicago’s most beautiful parks, and through the streets of downtown is a great stress reliever and excuse to get out of my apartment. It was also a great way to see beyond the obvious beauty of the city and find the smaller moments and pieces that contribute to Chicago’s beauty.” - Dan Kowalski, Senior Account Manager

As someone who has always loved being outside, my favorite way to destress from the work week is with a run. It gives me a great opportunity to listen to music, catch up on my podcasts, clear my head, and enjoy the beautiful neighborhood of Uptown. But, life is also about balance, so I devote just as much time to cooking, learning new recipes, and eating.” - Christian Scillian, Assistant Account Executive

“Like many during the pandemic, I joined in the Peloton trend and never looked back. I love doing a guided ride or my own before work. It gives me the opportunity to get my body moving and often times get some reading in before the workday has even started. I also have found relaxation in the little things like taking a break from the day to take my dogs for a walk or trying new restaurants nearby.” - Marisa Coulter, Senior Account Director


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