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Case Study: Vyaire Medical - Responding to a Pandemic

The Challenge: Simultaneously establish a corporate and internal communications cadence and crisis response strategy for a global ventilator manufacturer as they ramp up production in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The Results: Hawthorne joined the communications efforts of Vyaire Medical at the height of when the global pandemic was unfolding. A leading provider of respiratory care solutions, Vyaire recognized employee engagement was imperative to the success of the ramp-up, a particular challenge as Vyaire was experiencing a transition in leadership and reorganization of its corporate communications function. By leveraging new communications vehicles, providing feedback mechanisms, and administering employee surveys, we cultivated a "One Vyaire" employee experience that supported the assimilation of the new leadership team and enabled production to address pandemic-related customer needs.

Since then, weʼve built an internal communications platform for employees, fielded media requests, and developed a medical advisory board to lead content creation for customers and healthcare professionals, including a new podcast series. In developing these strategies and related materials, Hawthorne is helping Vyaire inform employees, customers, public officials, partners, and other stakeholders while establishing a clear voice for company leaders and ensuring critical care information gets to healthcare professionals on the frontlines.


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